Senior Burger Bash

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The first senior event of this semester, the Burger Bash, is coming up this week. Mrs. Tracy Shamon and Mrs. Bianca Benoit are in charge of all the senior events and are happy to be hosting them.

“We always do a Burger Bash every year and its just a good social event for the seniors,” Shamon said.

The infamous Burger Bash will take place this Friday, March 11.

“We decided to do it on the Friday before Spring Break because thats when the kids are all hyped up, and it gives the seniors an incentive to not skip out on school that Friday,” she said.

The Burger Bash is a big event for the seniors, so a lot of faculty hands will be needed to help prepare.

“Mrs.Benoit and I will be helping with the Burger Bash, along with Mr.Albert and all the vice principals. The cafeteria ladies will also help prepare the food,” Shamon said.

The Burger Bash is a MacArthur tradition and is just one of the many things for seniors to look forward to.

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