Teresa Valadez is a Candidate to Fist-Bump the President!

The Presidential Scholar Program is run by the US Department of Education in which they pick approximately 3,000 students from around the nation who have demonstrated  artistic excellence, outstanding academic achievements, leadership, citizenship, and contribution to their community and school.

Teresa Valadez, senior, was named a candidate for the program. She is being recognized in academics for exceptional scores on the ACT test.

“You just go through a application process [similar to applying for a college scholarship]. We have a teacher evaluation and written essay,” Valadez said.

Teresa Valadez (12)

Teresa is a one of six people selected in the whole city of San Antonio.

“It feels pretty cool. To be perfectly honest the first thing that I thought when I got the letter was that nowhere on it did it say I was getting a scholarship, which is what I presumed this would be about. I was thinking ‘Oh cool, the letter is from The Department of Education and the U.S. government. It’s even a cool watermarked paper,’” she said.

Valadez is advancing to the next level in the program, and she will be evaluated in mid-April.

“If you get selected, you get to go to Washington. Then basically fist-bump the president and get a medal, yet no scholarship for some reason.  I guess in itself the whole point is that it is a great honor to be chosen as a representative for our school,”  Valadez said.

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