Committing Kleinbeck

Shane Kleinbeck (12) and Tennessee University photo by Helen Downs

As one of the top ranked swimmers in the state, record holder in the 1000 free, and winner of countless races during his high school career, senior Shane Kleinbeck made a decision this past week committing to the University of Tennessee.

A Divison 1 school, the University of Tennessee is ranked 8th in the country for men’s swimming, giving Shane more excitement to close the chapter on his high school career and begin his collegiate journey.

The University of Tennessee might have been a far catch for most people, but for Shane it brought a chance for independence.

“[Tennessee] was something new and captivating. It caught my eye, providing a feeling of benevolence,” Kleinbeck said.

Shane’s accomplishments in swimming have brought him far, allowing him to continue his talent and succeed into a higher level.

“[As an incoming freshman on the team,] it’s nerve racking, extremely nerve racking, but exciting to be able to have the opportunity to swim for a top ranked school in the nation,” he said.

As his senior year comes to an end, he will be leaving behind his friends and family and make Knoxville, TN his new home.

” I want to finish my remaining months in high school and begin a new life with a new family in a new city, ” Kleinbeck said.

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