Custodians Should Wear Capes

Custodians are more than just campus cleaners, they're heroes. photo by Andrew Guerra

Most people’s list of favorite superheroes include Superman, Batman, Daredevil, and the occasional Black Panther. However, our real heroes should be the people that we see in our everyday lives doing the lesser noticed work, like custodians.

They may not fly above the city or reside in some dark underground cave, but people like  head custodian Javier Regalado,who started his job here in June of last year, save us from being overrun by the things that we carelessly toss away. Rather than looking at their job with disgust or uncertainty, custodians look at it as a challenge and strive to keep the campus beautiful.

“I think the students are doing a good job so far of recycling. My goal for the school this year is for us to beat Reagan in terms of cleanliness,” Regalado said.

Sometimes it is easy to take their services for granted, but let us all try to do our small part  by taking the initiative to properly recycle bottles or pick up that paper ball that we toss at the trash can.

“If the students continue to help like they have been doing, we could be recognized for our cleanliness. It’s a good service to the community and we would appreciate some support such as from the parents like Lee High School gets,” Regalado said.

photo by Andrew Guerra

So, in some ways we can be sort of like side-kicks to these everyday super-heroes, and together keep our campus beautiful like it should be.

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