Fashion File: Manhattan Madness

Brianna Kouzel (12) photo by Olivia Suarez

Hey all you North East-siders, listen up, because fashion file just got a little more eastern.

That’s right, senior Brianna Kouzel knows how to pull of the look. Of course a certain hot TV series served as an inspirational source.
Gossip Girl [definitely influenced my involvement in fashion]. I love the way [the characters] dress. Serena and Blair have styles that are classy, not risqué,” Kouzel said.

Brianna Kouzel (12) photo by Olivia Suarez

Luckily Brianna’s style isn’t solely classified as “East Coast”.
“[It’s] classy, yet edgy. [Gossip Girl taught] me to dress better. It’s Upper East Side, yet comfortable,” she said.
Although she hasn’t started any trends recently, Brianna does favor a certain look.

Brianna Kouzel (12) photo by Olivia Suarez

“I love wearing black. Black is incredibly sophisticated and attractive. It looks good with everything, and on everyone,” Kouzel said.
She doesn’t have any intentions to pursue fashion as a career, but she does keep it as a priority.
“I just think looking your best is important,” she said.

Brianna Kouzel (12) photo by Olivia Suarez

So there you have it; classy ultimately correlates with sassy as Brianna works the “New York” look. Until again, BT readers.


Fashion File

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