The Adjustment Bureau

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David Norris (Matt Damon)  is an up and coming New York congressman. After losing to his political opponent, he retreats to the hotel bathroom and there he meets Elise (Emily Blunt).  Instantly, a rare chemistry is formed between David and Elise, but as fast as they encountered each other, they lose each other. After arriving to work, David finds four strange men known as “the adjustment bureau” preforming a type of scientific procedure on his paralyzed co worker. The four men then explain what they do and the reasoning behind their work. They threaten David into promising to never reveal what they do, and to also never talk to Elise again, or they will erase his memory. As if by chance, a few years later he sees Elise walking down the street and he instantly rekindles the flame from the one night they met three years ago. After they re- encounter it seems that “the adjustment bureau” will do everything to keep them apart. These young lovers will fight to the sky for their love.

The Adjustment Bureau mixes a rare romance with thought provoking concepts. Right from the very beginning gets you wondering about how this world really works and the reason behind every “coincidence”. The emotions you feel while watching these two young lovers on screen intensifies when you start realizing what their up against and how they won’t give up. You have to feel remorse, but hopeful at the same time because you’re rooting for them to escape out of this tangled web of absurdity with their love still intact.

Bringing in over $21.1 million, The Adjustment Bureau has been one of the best love films recently. While also mixing a little action and sci-fi in the process, Matt Damon and Emily Blunt  create a great chemistry on camera and played a fantastic role as young lovers in this new film.

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