A Stranger Kind of Kindness

Where you should put things you find. Courtesy of discoveryeducation.com.

Over Spring Break, I lost my iPhone in Boston. It was a rainy day and I’d jammed it in the pocket of my jacket when we got in a taxi to Boston University, and it fell out. Naturally, I assumed I would never get it back.

My mother, though, being an optimist of an earlier era, kept calling my phone until she got an answer. Three days later, I got my phone back. A nice young couple had taken our cab to the train station, and found my phone after hearing it ring. After they got back into Boston, they met up with us, and returned my phone.

Boston is regarded as a rather “rough around the edges” place, so I guess we got lucky. It looks like there are good and altruistic people in the world.

When I assumed my phone was gone forever, I based it off my experience here. People get their stuff stolen all the time, from lockers, out of their bags, off desks. A lot of the times, it’s a spur of the moment thing; someone sees an iPod or money lying around with nobody near by, and pockets it.

Guys, please stop. I shouldn’t have to go into the moral quandary of stealing, you all should know better. If you’re really so desperate, consider other options. If I drop my headphones in the hall, that’s not an invitation to take them.

Now I know most people at Mac aren’t thieves, and are probably just as tired of this as I am. It’s clear we need to take action. If you find a phone, find out who owns it. If you find money lying around, try to track down who dropped it. Don’t just sit there, be a good samaritan. We all have to lead by example to change things.

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