The Element of Surprise


Art by Daniel de la Rosa.

It’s around the time of  year when guys step outside of the box and exhibit their artistic skills in order to take a special girl to prom. Some prefer to stay sincere and ask a girl face to face, but the following boys used the element of surprise to win the yes.

Joe Estrada’s equivalent to Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

“I’m going to gather seven of my friends and make shirts that spell out P-R-O-M with a question and exclamation marks after it. Then I will have my friends step out onto her front yard as I ring the doorbell and surprise her,” Estrada said. 

Hector Torres’ quick stop

“I got a for-sale type sign and wrote Gabby on both sides. I then tied four balloons that said P-R-O-M, one letter on each balloon, and left it on her front lawn. She was so happy that I surprised her, and that we are going together,” Torres said.

These boys have secured dates, but that’s only part of the checklist. Next on the list are dinner reservations, tuxedo rentals, and leasing a limo.

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