“Invisible Children” Movement Through Music and Smoothies!

Launched in the spring of 2003, Invisible Children is a social, political, and global movement aiming to stop Joseph Kony and the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) in advancing throughout areas in Africa, along with halting the mistreatment of child soldiers and enforcement of women prostitution.

The term “Invisible Children” is based upon the realities of isolated children avoiding any approaches from the demeaning child militias. Focusing solely on stories to motivate others, at least one of the “roadies” on this national campaign includes a native from the region. For this particular tour, a Ugandan woman by the name of Agnus was a special guest.

Recently there was a Charity event run by some of our own Brahmas at The Beverage Bar, 50% of the profits of items sold  that night were donated to their fundraiser. The estimate for how much they raised is $200 through beverage sales and homemade bracelets that were made out of bandannas.

The leaders at the group at MacArthur are Kaleb King, Cailee Jo Whitefield, Jordyn Crain, Victoria Prescott, Nicole Cook, and Brittany Sharp.

There was also live music from Arthur Brewer and  Matthew Blankenhorn, in which they performed a acoustic set of songs.

Video of Arthur and Matt playing.

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