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Spring is here and with it are several sports that can help you enjoy your time with your friends or just to find something to do with it.  With so many sports around, everyone is sure to find at least one thing that will catch their attention. There are many widely known sports played during the spring time such as baseball, volleyball, and the occasional wind surfing, but lesser known sports don’t get as much recognition as they sometimes should.


Crew: Crew (or rowing as it is more commonly known), is in no way a new sport; crew dates as far back as 1430 in Egyptian times. Needless to say, the sport has evolved much in the last 6oo years, but the concept is still the same; A team of rowers use oars in a long, narrow canoe and compete in a race on a lake to try to beat each other to the finish line. Many colleges have Crew teams and hold summer camps for the sport, but  there are not many ways to get into the sport.


Ultimate Frisbee: This sport has gained more popularity in the past few years, but it still has not obtained the recognition it deserves. In 1968 Joel Silver  put together a team of people and promised them that they would have the “ultimate game experience”. Adapted from a kind of football, ultimate frisbee is played by players tossing a 175-grain frisbee to players at the other end of the field in the “in-zone”. However, players may not run with the frisbee. They may move one foot only while in possession of it; this is called “pivoting”. Ultimate frisbee is not an expensive sport and is very easy to play. Just round up some friends and find an open field.


Racquetball: Joe Sobek invented racquetball in 1950. He added tighter strings and a small rubber ball to differ the sport from tennis and badminton. This sport is played by going to a specially designed court with a friend and hitting the ball against walls or a ceiling of area, (as all walls are fair playing area). The game is lost when the ball is missed. This sport costs you a one time fee of the racquet and ball, as well as comfortable clothes if you do not have any. As far as cost goes, this sport is for anyone.


Hacky sack: John Stalberger and Mike Marshall invented the first “footbag”. The name “hacky sack” came later and has become a common term. The sport is played with two or more people and has a simple objective; keep the bag off the ground using only your feet and passing it to other players. There are many tricks and game types that can be learned through experiences and the internet. The only cost for this sport is to buy a hacky sack from many different stores.

These are just a few of the many sports played during spring. There are many more to find so don’t just spend your spring sitting in front of the television, go out and make the most of your it.

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