Mouse Found In MONSTER Energy Drink

With a pitfall in his stomach, one Seattle man named Vitaliy Sulzhik is suing the Monster Beverage Co. with confidence and disgust. Sulzhik found a mouse in his drink, raising eyebrows around the world about how sanitary bottling plants actually are. Meanwhile, Monster replies that the ordeal is a mere ‘shakedown.’ In response to the ordeal, several sources noted that it is nearly impossible for anything to get into a processed can.

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However, evidence begs the question.

People will pay closer attention to the energy drinks they purchase, and in good health, as the sugar and excess vitamin B6 found in them is very unhealthy. Although energy drinks won’t cause you to kneel over immediately, they contain significant amounts of caffeine that make jittery bodies and create insomnia. This drug, as well as the loads of sugars making energy drinks tasty, creates significant concerns for health benefactors.

Based out of Corona, California, Monster Energy is involved in many sport endorsements for companies and athletes alike, and it is more specifically distributed to extreme X-Game players. From Activision to Rob Dyrdek and other racers, Monster Energy has become vital to teens as a craze for an easy energy boost and popularity.

At schools, students are constantly presented the option of buying sodas or energy supplements at CVS. Even more so, Red Bull and Rockstar can be seen giving out their product at different times around the year. Getting the buzz and acting cool have become reasons for having energy drinks, and when campuses allow kids to have the sodas, they encourage unhealthy habits.

Most kids nowadays drink carbonated energy drinks and sodas like Monster Energy. Hopefully this turn of events related to the company’s health will spark concern for consumers. Students may turn to other supplements, such as Vitamin C and 5-Hour Energy to meet their needs in healthier ways, consuming less sugar and caffeine while getting more of the daily vitamins they lack.

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