Color Guard Wins Third in State

Madeline Chambers, April Peck, Kelby Kleinfelder, Seniors MacArthur Color Guard Captains photo courtesy of Madeline Chambers

Mac Flags hold the Texas Guard bronze medal. With hours put into perfecting their show, flags placed MacArthur on the score boards.

“Last year, [guard] came out strong in the beginning, and we digressed down. This year we had more people who worked harder and were more dedicated with making the show come out its best,” Madeline Chambers, ┬ásenior Guard captain, said.

As a team, Color Guard worked hours on hours to achieve their goal: creating a strong bond between one another.

“I think it’s good that [we are] able to bond and work together to get that good of a score and work that well at our highest competition,” Erica Gutierrez, freshmen, said.

Even though Mac Guard has an honorable title, the challenge remains to beat their score next year.

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