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In today’s world, the main source of information is networked through Facebook, but for the past five years, Facebook has come head to head with it’s new rival,Twitter.

Long ago in the middle school years, the biggest rival were MySpace vs. Facebook, but since then MySpace has taken a tumble as Facebook and Twitter have flourished. Celebrities and even the President are spotted Tweeting and Facebooking their thoughts and actions to the world,  but the real question is, which is better: Facebook or Twitter?

To determine which is better is a matter of everybody’s preference, but based on the statistics, Facebook has a broader range of users hitting over 500 million users worldwide while Twitter has reached a mere 190 million users. Although time plays a factor into the equation, Facebook is considered the “better” site because it has more users.

Facebook has overpowered the social networking world, but since Twitter has hit a prominent number of people with a broader range of communication allowing for people to tweet to their favorite celebrities hoping for a retweet back or potentially have their “obsession” follow them. With this feature becoming a world wind, not everybody feels the same way about Facebook as they did a couple years ago.

“I used to be obsessed with Facebook, but I’ve come to love Twitter so much more. It’s way more interesting , and I’m not annoyed with all the updates, like I am with the “over status-updaters” on Facebook. Twitter is a fun way to share your thoughts and vent without being annoying. Plus it’s more sassy than Facebook. No more Facebook I’m #obsessed with Twitter. @MissAntoCullen,”  junior Larry Lepovitz  said.

Twitter becoming a active rival with Facebook doesn’t matter to some people. For many, Facebook is easy to use and the dominant way to communicate by having the ability to have private conversations with their friends rather than using up their minutes on their phone or publishing their lives to the world.

“[Facebook] is an easier interface to use”, senior Jesse Hillner said.

They are both dominant social networking sites of our generation functioning in similar ways giving us our news, information, gossip, etc, but to determine which is better is a matter of opinion based on preference and reasons for which people  use more or less. Facebook may be better than Twitter, or vise versa, but in retrospect it allows us to receive or express information weather it is tweeted or used as a status to get what is needed across to the world.

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  1. I can’t wait until twitter becomes a verb used in everyday lingo like Facebook. 🙂

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