Band at Battle of Flowers

photo by Megan Feuerbacher

The annual Battle of Flowers parade is a major part of San Antonio’s Fiesta events.  This Friday, April 15, while students and teachers are home for the holiday, the school band will perform along with its dancers and cheerleaders.  Each year a few high schools around San Antonio are selected to march and MacArthur will represent. 

 Juniors Justice Lovin and Skyleur Banks will participate all day for the parade.

“It’s going to be long and hot with some rowdy people, but there are popsicles at the end and they are delicious,” Justice said.

“Yes, it’s definitely worth it for the popsicles,” agreed Skyleur.

Aside from the songs and dancing in the parade, there is a lot of history and culture involved.  It started in 1891 to remember those that died at the Alamo and to celebrate the victory at San Jacinto.  It is the oldest and longest parade in San Antonio and is completely run by women.  As Fiesta is a huge part of San Antonio’s society, we should all take time to celebrate in some way.

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