Free Friday!

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April 15th is Fiesta Friday; time for (cue Rebecca Black) FUN-FUN-FUN-FUN! All NEISD schools have the day off. However, festivities such as watching a parade in the steaming sun or pigging out on overly greasy foods may not attract people to Fiesta events.

Some students plan on spending the day by catching up on sleep and schoolwork, while others schedule a date to amusement parks or swimming pools.

Other than Fiesta, San Antonio is hosting a number of events on Friday for those who have yet to create plans of their own.

Valero Texas Open

The Professional Golf Association (PGA) is hosting one of its largest golf events. Superstar golfers such as Tiger Woods will be competing and answering interviews on the green. Depending on what seat you’d like to obtain, tickets range from $38-$71.

David Irving: “Heinrich Himmler, Hitler’s lieutenent for 44 years in 44 minutes.”

David Irving, a popular novelist, is providing a book signing while giving a history lesson at a confidential time and location. This lecture is based on times of Nazi rule and Hitler’s Third Reich. If you’re looking for secrecy and mystery, this event is definitely enticing, as well as affordable with tickets at $20. After your ticket is bought, you will be emailed on the time and location of David Irving’s speech.

Rey Feo Consejo King’s Ball

Held by San Antonio’s Black Tie Association, the King’s Ball costs $50 per person. It begins at 8 p.m. and ends at midnight. To be accepted into the ballroom, you must wear appropriate attire such as tuxedos or ball gowns. The King’s Ball is a wonderful way to celebrate a special anniversary or give you a reason to dress up and get dancing.

Whatever your plans may be, Friday is a day for festivities that bring much fun. (Which event should you taaaake?)

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