Park It or Ticket

Citation situations. photo by Helen Downs

Last week April 6, many students found a surprise on their windshields as campus police were issuing out tickets to those not parked in a mandated parking spot or did not have a decal displaying in their window.

The tickets ran between $15 to $50 per ticket,depending on the citation or the combination of citations. Many students swarmed the AP office the next day as many stood in line confused and frustrated for the offensive of their ticket. I found myself  being one of the 15 people waiting in line as I stood there waiting to hear about my citation for not parking in a parking spot.

Many brought up the issue of limited parking after the school day has started, making it hard for those who have 1st period senior early release or  athletes who have practice in the morning. After driving around all the parking lots, the only option seems to be the curbs by the football field or the yellow hazard lines between the baseball field and tennis courts. Many create their own parking spot and consider it “overflow” parking and see it as no problem.

“I parked in the yellow lines because I assumed it was for overflow parking,” senior Shane Kleinbeck said.

But the school displays it as a safety hazard, keeping in mind if there was ever an emergency, fire trucks or an ambulance wouldn’t be able to get through especially when cars are parked on the curbs.

For future notice and a kindly reminder for those who have been issued more than one citation, here are some tips:

1. If there are no parking spots in the back parking lots, park in the front and let the front office know.

2. Make sure a decal is displayed in your window at all times.

3. If you feel you don’t deserve the citation issued to you, go to the AP office and explain the situation, maybe luck will come your way.

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