Julia Langenberg: Trying to Fly


Julia Langenberg photo courtesy of Trevor Gagnon

As a professional aerialist, Julia Langenberg’s dedication to defying laws of gravity while exerting her body have led her to make flying through the air seem easy, but literally learning the ropes required a great amount of time to acquire necessary skills.

“I began dancing as soon as I could walk, and I intensely studied ballet in the pre-professional training program at Ballet Austin.  I discovered modern dance in college and I began my professional modern dance career after I graduated.  I performed with several national modern dance companies and I also joined a site-specific aerial dance company.  It was through this company that I began dancing on the sides of buildings with ropes and harnesses and I also learned how to dance on silks, lyra, and trapeze,” Lagenberg said.

While many would fear her job of fiercely plummeting towards the ground, Julia’s physical stamina prevents her from making contact with the ground, that is, until she finishes a routine.

“I train much more during the off-season, and I focus mainly on upper body and core exercises.  Cardio and stretching are also important. During the 11 month season, I perform in as many as 35 shows a week (about 800 shows a year) and I teach aerial dance on my days off, so my job keeps me in shape.  I also love Pilates because it strengthens and lengthens my muscles by utilizing my own body weight so I can work out anywhere,” Langenberg said.

As a freelance artist, she’s received many opportunities to perform- currently working as the butterfly in Seaworld’s “Azul” show, and even being contacted by world-renowned Cirque du Soleil.

“Cirque du Soleil has called me several times and are currently searching for a role for me that matches my abilities,” she said.

Although humans will never truly be able to fly, Julia serves as assurance that we can surely try.

“Flying is the best part of my job!!!” she said, “I feel incredibly free, weightless, and beautiful— that’s why aerial work is addicting!” Langenberg said.

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