APs Getting the Boot

N.E.I.S.D. announced mid April that because of the Texas public schools’ debt crisis assistant principals would be terminated. The state of Texas is in fact $25 billion short of their budget. Rather than rid the district of its probationary teachers and other staff, N.E.I.S.D. claimed teachers’ necessity compared to the district’s AP administration.

In fact, there are only six Assistant Principals on staff at each high school, watching over thousands of students. These administrators handle virtually all of the school’s disciplinary affairs and maintain control of the population. At MacArthur, this termination would mean bad news for everyone in the community. Principal Bobbie Turnbo is already retiring this year, and school administration will be held in the hands’ of fewer, less advised teachers. Coaches, perhaps, will be given more privileges and duties as contributers to the district’s athletic programs and respective classes also.

Mr. Terry Peel commented on the matter, noting its improbability.

“The number of counselors, teachers, and assistant principals is determined by enrollment. We have approximately 2700 students today, [and] I don’t anticipate [anyone getting dropped],” Peel said.

In the coming weeks anything is possible, and the tides could turn for our school’s staff.

“We could in fact use more assistant principals, but no, I don’t expect any [terminations]. In the next week there is still a chance [of cuts], in the status quo,” Peel said.

If  assistant assistant principals get fired, the staff will struggle to handle all affairs around campus. Regardless, the year will commence on August 22.

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