Cutest Trends: Pet Edition

The latest trend is not clothes or accessories, but animals that can be shown off to society. Cute pets are a favorite among households, whether they be unusual or common. Every adorable animal is considered.



Micro-pigs are the new fad.  They are mini pigs that do not grow very big.  They are small, intelligent, clean, and easy to take care of.  Meant to be house pets, these pigs will lay inside on a dog bed or even sleep with you at night.  These little pigs are so cute that celebrities such as Rupert Grint and Victoria Beckham have come to own a few.  Even those allergic to pets and their fur will find that they won’t have a problem around these guys.

Shetland Ponies

Every little girl has always wanted a pony!  These ponies are miniature, so they’re ideal for children on a ranch.  The ponies are shy, sweet, gentle, and very intelligent.  They can be used to keep around, and ridden by, small children or even in competitions.  Some ponies can be used for riding or driving lessons.  Many are just seen at petting zoos because of how cute and miniature they are.  Miniature Shetlands have even been used as guide horses, which have the same purpose as guide dogs.


Nobody can hate bunnies; they are small, quiet, and very fluffy.  All they do is sit, eat, and act adorable.  When people think of bunny rabbits, they think of all those cartoons with Bugs Bunny, Peter Rabbit, Thumper, Roger Rabbit, and even the Easter Bunny.  In stories and film, rabbits are all seen as funny or cute and innocent.  That’s all they are in real life also too; tiny cute creatures.

Puppies and Kittens

Puppies and kitties are the classic choice for children everywhere.  There are so many different kinds to choose from, and every kind is cute in their own way.  Both are fun to play with and can sleep at the foot of your bed.  They cuddle like crazy, but can also be crazy.  When they play they have the tendency to get frisky and usually end up falling right over.  Puppies are more fun, but kittens can keep themselves clean.  As they get older, cats and dogs can get boring, but they can still be cute and will grow to be lifelong friends.
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