Champions Are Born

Blue Angels and Blue Guard at nationals. photo by Mali Lopez

This past week on Sunday and Monday, the JROTC varsity boys Blue Guard and the varsity girls, the Mighty Blue Angels, traveled to their last destination in Daytona, Florida: nationals.

As adrenaline  ran through their systems and the desire to show the nation their hard work , the Mighty Blue Angels came out as national champions in the unarmed division, while the Blue Guard took home second place in armed division. The Blue Angels swept the nation away with their top seeds in every division they competed in taking first place overall, third in inspection, third in regulation, first colorguard, second squad (9 man), first platoon (12 man) and the commanders received second for the commander award.

This year the Mighty Blue Angels proved themselves to be the best in the nation. It wasn’t an easy road to get there though. From the constant practicing both early in the morning and late after school, the ups and downs that they encountered with each other, and happiness after a flawless run of their routines. The Blue Angels  saw all their hard work and their commitment to each other as a “family” and team  finally pay off,when their national title was announced,  making every obstacle they encountered worth everything to have the moment that many teams dream of having during their high school careers.

“We had alot of ups and downs with a lot of arguments, just like families do, but it brought us closer along with all the running and being yelled at. We wanted all the trophies, and our minds had been set since the 1st day of school,” Mali Lopez, junior, said.

The excitement of  finally being able to utter the precious words “national champions”, the girls come to school with smiles on their faces and memories in their hearts.

“It is definitely a well deserved title for us. To finally prove that our performance is beyond all others was an indescribable feeling. I’m just so grateful to be a part of such an incredible and dedicated group of girls,” junior Rachel Perez said.

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