Brahma Ballads 3.3

WARNING: The following is a dangerous, hardy, and (somewhat) flammable concoction of lyrical genius. The artists presented have dedicated their lives to creating beautiful pieces of art, and Brahma Tales would like to share that with you.


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Sunset Rubdown

The Canadian born band began back in 2005 touring around Montreal and Quebec, soon  becoming a hit amongst the northern natives. Sunset Rubdown’s work is based off of lyricist Spencer Krug’s unique vocals and writing style. With songs rarely below five minutes, strong drum beats and guitar signatures display the creativity and unique sound of Sunset Rubdown. Krug released the first solo LP, Sunset Rubdown, in January 2006. The band then followed Krug’s LP by releasing their first full album in Montreal titled Shut Up I Am Dreaming. Sunset Rubdown continued their success with Random Spirit Lover releaased in 2007, making NPR’s list of Top Albums in 2006 and nominated for the US Indie Music Industry’s Plug Award. Their latest and quite melodic album Dragonslayer was released in 2009. Dragonslayer faced much praise by online reviews and made Chart Attack’s Top 100 list while being voted Pitchfork’s 16th best album.

Staff Favorites:

Magic vs. Midas (Random Spirit Lover, 2006)

Shut Up, I Am Dreaming Of Places Where Lovers Have Wings (Shut Up I Am Dreaming, 2006)

Idiot Heart (Dragonslayer, 2009)

The Walkmen

The Philadelphia/Washington DC/New York based-Indie Pop band began back in 2000. Immediate success came to The Walkmen in 20o2 with their debut album Everyone Who Pretended to Like Me is Gone. Bows and Arrows, released in 2004 made top hit charts, however their greatest success came with Libson, 2007, with hits such as Woe is Me.

The Walkmen photo by

Staff Favorites:

Woe is Me (Libson, 2007)

The Rat (Bows and Aarows, 2004)

Little House of Savages (Bows and Arrows, 2004)

The Xx

 Formed back in London in 2005, trio established their name of “The Xx” with emotional lyrics and melodic sounds. Their self titled debut faced “universal acclaim”, making their way to top 100 charts across the London mainstream scene. Making their way to the States in 2010, The Xx peaked at 3rd place in the US top 100 chart, named one of MTV Iggy’s “Top 10 Bands with Buzz” . The Xx anticipates the release of a second studio album in late 2011 to a sea of fans across Europe and America.

Staff Favorites:

Crystalized (The Xx, 2009)

Stars (The Xx, 2009)

Basic Space (The Xx, 2009)

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