Sophomores’ To Kill A Mockingbird Festival for Prizes

Tuesday reiterated the sophomore class’ revelations of Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird. Using different ideas, the English Pre-Ap students made their own festival booths, working on themes from the novel.

Jaqueline Esquivel (10) plays the slingshot dog game, made to portray Scout. photo by Zach Royston

Daniel De la Rosa, Jaqueline Esquivel, and Natasha Baca made a slingshot game, using paintballs to portray Atticus shooting the Johnson dog. Winners of the games received baked cakes and lollipops.

The hole in the tree, where Scout finds treasures from Boo Radley. photo by Zach Royston

Other groups contributed their diverse scenes to the carnival. In the picture above, goodies could be won by putting forth hands in the tree trunk. Below, Megan Connor and Briar Visscher made Boo Radley’s eerie house into a similar activity, but rewarded brownies. Proving to be true to the novel, both groups presented mysterious themes that surround the Radley family and their curious generosity.

Megan Conner (10) and Briar Visscher (10) built Boo Radley's house. photo by Zach Royston

Together, each team of students in Pre-AP made up the annual festival, entertaining the sophomore English department and embellishing an American classic.

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One thought on “Sophomores’ To Kill A Mockingbird Festival for Prizes

  1. This was a really fun assignment. Not only did we just have a festival and get to get out of classes early (lol), but it also made us think harder into To Kill A Mockingbird. Each class came up with very creative games that represented a part of the book. Some of the students thought further into it and made connections that noone else made when reading the book and when playing the games, the other students found those connections just as easily! This was a great assignment for all Pre-AP and regular students in 10th grade English.

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