A Rally for Retirement

“You can’t replace her, you can’t be better than her. All what you can do is fill the position and hope to do half as much as she accomplished as our principal.” Mr. Terry Peel.

Dr. Turnbo photo by Brittany Trub

On Friday, May 20, Dr. Bobbie Turnbo was honored with a final pep rally in regards to her retirement. Sitting on a throne with a silver tiara, roses, and her beautiful granddaughter, Dr. Turnbo was treated like a queen. Gifts from each organization and club were given as a ¬†farewell ¬†to “Momma Turnbo”. Earning much respect throughout her six years as principal of MacArthur, her ways of “disciplining the kids, loving the kids, and teaching the kids” will leave a positive impression on the student body for years to come.

photo by Brittany Trub

Closing the pep rally with a group hug of about 200 students, Dr. Turnbo will be missed by every athlete, artist, and writer.

Closing Group Hug photo by Brittany Trub
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