G-Force Finishes With a Bang

The band and color guard had their final highlight of the year as they presented G-Force last Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, May 19-21 in the Brady Auditorium.

A portion of the percussion section showing their skills. Photo by Daniel de la Rosa.

The two-act performance varied greatly and expressed the widespread music styles the band has to offer. The stage was mostly dark except for scattered colored spotlights moving along the stage and even the crowd. Showcases not only appealed to the audiences ears but also gave spectators great visuals with their costumes and formations. Some of the attire matched the performances such as the Fiddler on the Roof portrayal. Sophomore Ryder Laijas was impressed with the showmanship of the band.

“The performers were eager and enthusiastic during the performaces,” Laijas said.

Many of the pieces played involved intricate solos that put the attention on several band members, sometimes more than once. Sophomore Zach Roberts enjoyed some of the musicians in particular.

“I was in awe over the talented Kole Pantuso,” Roberts said.

Kole Pantuso (10) playing a solo. Photo by Daniel de la Rosa.

G-Force also had it’s share of comedic relief with skits that focused more on the visuals than the music. They were unexpected and produced laughter amongst the crowd.

This skit involved nothing but the sound from balloons. Photo by Daniel de la Rosa.

G-Force is becoming a standard as this is the third year it has taken place. It wouldn’t be a surprise to see G-Force become a tradition.

Need photo credits, then you’re good. -Michael

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