Thanks For The Memories

Class of 2011 photo by. Helen Downs

It is now the time of the year where seniors begin to face the reality of moving onto the next chapter of their lives, and begin to reflect on their time here in high school, going way back to the first day of their freshman year all the way up to their final few weeks left in the secure bubble we all call high school.

Many seniors share the same feeling on their first day of high school: frightening. It was the feeling of starting at the bottom of the totem pole once again, but as freshman year passed, so did sophomore year, then junior, and now senior year is coming to a close. The sections labeled “memories” in their minds began to flood in with stories and experiences as each year went by, from the embarrassing memories to the accomplished memories, the seniors of 2011 reflect their time here at MacArthur.

“Going to playoffs for football my senior year is something I will always remember,” Billy Mitchell, senior, said.

While some reflect on their first day of school as a freshman.

” I remember thinking how big Mac was and how I didn’t want to get lost,” Sophie Filipowicz, senior, said.

But most importantly, many will remember the lessons learned during the establishments of their memories.

“Things happen that you can’t really avoid, you just have to roll with the punches and get back up every time,” Josh McGlamory, senior, said.

As the seniors move onto the next chapter of their lives, they will take the memories they created during the four years here and, in some point in time, share them with others.

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