Scenario Paintball guide part 2

In the last story you learned about some basic ways to get in shape for scenario paintball as well as some positions that are commonly played on the field. Now you can learn more about how the game is played, objectives typically given on the field, and strategies for play.

The game of scenario paintball is not an easy activity to set up. To have a full-on scenario event requires weeks of planning for the major events. However, if you want to take your team out for some practice, a week of planning is not required, but a night or two wouldnt hurt.

The first thing you need to know to play is that you must wear a regulation paintball mask, the whole time when you set foot on the play area of the field. If you do not  comply with this simple rule then the field will nine times out of ten throw you off the property because you are endangering yourself. Masks can be bought from places like academy but if you are looking for masks that are higher quality for a higher price of course, then you should visit a place like Paintball Mart. Other gear that is highly recommended if you plan to play scenario paintball are knee-pads, a tactical vest, boots, and head protection from the sun like a cap that you can wear backwards with your mask. Out of these items the most important next to your mask is your knee-pads. The reason for this is that the forest areas of places such as the famous Tactical Paintball in Harwood Texas, do not rid the playing areas of the various thorned plants so if you don’t have knee-pads, you  might want to re-think taking that kneeling position. Tactical vests come in many different camo or color patterns and most of them (if they are of a good brand) have interchangeable parts to fit every players needs.

The rules for scenario-ball are different then other games like speed-ball. In scenario, you gather your team and divide it into squads who will each do a different task appointed to you by your sides general (who is chosen several months prior to the game.) If your squad specializes in a certain task, you may make a request to the general for a certain action, and if he approves it you can be on your way. You want to keep your squads to a minimum of four people in order to insure stability.

The objective of the game changes constantly and there are many different areas to play in, such as forest areas, deserts, urban areas, and sometimes hills and mountains, all of which are owned by the field and are fair boundaries.

As far as places to play at, there are several, however, none are located in San Antonio. There is Paintball Knights, Predator, and Cross-fire for speed-ball, but if you want the best scenario-ball experience then Tactical paintball in Harwood, Texas is where you want to be because their field and game-play is ranked the best in the nation.

So now you know when, where, and how, all thats left now is to go out and do it.

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