Bexar County Drought Level Reaches Stage Two


Bottled water availability is not in danger, but a lack of rain will lower the spring levels that the water comes from.


Hold off on the Slip n’ Slides, stage two water restrictions for any SAWS users went into effect yesterday, June 1, and have limited water usage even further.

Stage two rules are much more specific than the previous stage one setup. It occurs when the aquifer level drops below 650 feet.Sprinkler systems or soaker hoses are only allowed one day a week determined by your address, between 3-8am and 8-10pm. Hand watering with a hose is still permitted at anytime on any day, but all fountains and waterfalls must be shut off. Some policies are extremely precise. If you have a pool in your backyard, at least 25 percent of it must be covered when not in use to limit evaporation.

The aquifer is dropping an average of six inches a day and if Bexar county doesn’t receive any rain, further cutbacks such as stage three restrictions may arrive as soon as mid June

The best chance for reversing the deficit is the speculated El Nino and above average hurricane season. Many people hope these conditions will bring a greener and more enjoyable summer season.

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