Brahma Ballads 3.4

In this weeks edition of Brahma Ballads, we feature bands Battles,Owl city, and brand new band Cults.

Battles – Gloss Drop:

Battles new album Gloss drop dropped  June 7 on Warp Records, it is sure to impress their many fans with the smooth trippy feeling that is always present with the band. The album includes guests such as Gary Numan and Kazu Makino. The band has leaked the album’s first single, “Ice Cream,”  and will continue leaking tracks as the countdown to the album release gets closer.

Staff favorites: Atlas, Tonto

Owl City – All things bright and beautiful:

Adam Young from Owatonna Minnesota OWL CITY, recently released some information in one of his blogs about his next album: ‘All Things Bright & Beautiful’.

Adams blog revealed that he is 99% finished with the fifteen new songs which he has been working on for six months now.

Adam has also written the following message to his fans at the end of one of his letters:

Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for an amazing 2010. The next twelve months appear even more promising and by all accounts, there are some truly tremendous things on the horizon. I can barely sit still.

Get ready,

Staff favorites: Fireflies, On the Wing

Cults – cults:

Cults is the first album from the band Cults. Just released June 7, the record company, Columbia Records is eager to find out the publics response. Cults has been working on the album from late 2010 to early 2011, during this time they released 2 of the songs that will be on the album,]; “Go Outside” and “Most Wanted.” Surely we will all be surprised with the bands first album debut.

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