Macarthur’s Bullseye 2011

Bullseye 2011

First off, Bullseye 2011 is an immaculate and cool MacArthur publication. Students joined and submitted to the Bullseye club at the beginning of the year, continuing yet another tradition of excellence in the form of  a literary magazine. Sponsored  by Mr. Andrew Arnatt, the magazine entails many of the arts, from pictures to poems and abstract paintings to landscape features. The book is seemingly endless, with sixty pages of students’ creativity. This nationally recognized is in its 26th volume.

What? by Zoe Molina

Bullseye role call:


Juan Amos, Ian Dorsa, Konnor Frazier, Taylor Johnson, Connor Plasters, Anna Setar, Kaitlin Veltri


Evynn Wilkerson, Rachel Garner, Anne-Marie Coffee, Colleen Whiting, A.J. Heinke, Veronika Hill, Kelsey Huber, Juan Amos, Rachel Garner, Aaron Catlin, Bryan Bartley, Donminic Dorsa, Kelvin Vaughnn, Ashley Ornelas, Kaylee Adams, Jordan Acosta, Jacob Martinez, Katherine Willis, Thao Le, Kaitlin Veltri, Samuel Blowe, Kassidy Shade, Mr. Steven Davidson, Konneor Frazier, Zoe Molina, Ashley Gurrola, Kyle Sullivan, Marissa Mascorro, Bryan Muzny, Taylor Johnson, Theresa Newsome, Faith Petreley, Cameron Uptmore, Hannah Kurtz

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