Welcome Back, Bice!

At the end of the 2009-2010 school year, the athletics program was shaken after long-time tennis head coach, Kenneth Bice, left San Antonio to coach in Houston.

“My wife’s job changed in 2010 and, with a young baby, it was necessary to move to Houston where she was based. Last year, I was the head coach at Willis School in north Houston. In the fall, we were Regional Quarterfinalists and were ranked in the top 25 in the state(4A). In the spring Individual Season, Willis was able to advance three Regional Tournament representatives,” Bice said.

Even with all of the success Coach Bice’s program was having in Houston, he jumped at the chance to come back here.

“Fortunately we were able to return to San Antonio and I was eager to get back as a part of the Tennis Program,” he said.

Before current tennis head coach Sandy Stanley was appointed as his replacement in 2010, Coach Fushak asked for Bice’s opinion for about prospective candidates.

“Coach Stanley was an assistant at Reagan where many of my former clients from Sonterra played. They spoke highly of Coach Stanley and I thought she would be a good fit here [at MacArthur],” he said.

With two well-established tennis coaches, the athletes should reap the benefits.

“I feel that working alongside [Coach Stanley] will be mutually beneficial for [her and I], as well as good for the kids,” he said.

Now that Coach Bice is back, he has had the opportunity to see the advancement of his athletes from when they were freshman and sophomore JV players, to how well they are now, as juniors and seniors.

“It has been nice to see the progress of the freshman and sophomore JV players from 2009-10. Their skills have continued to improve with dedication and hard work,” Bice said.

As talented as he thinks his athletes are, Bice knows they will be challenged this year.

“Our district is the toughest in the state at the 5A level, with two top 15 ranked programs. Our kids are constantly challenged and I am certain that they will be up to the level of competition. I am expecting a very successful year and I plan on providing our kids with the tools necessary to compete at this level. One of the many great things about tennis is that it provides our student athletes with a lifelong skill that they will be able to benefit from for years to come,” Bice said.

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