The Aesthetic Movement: I’m starting with the POOP in the mirror?

Boys C/D-Wing Restroom, photo by Kyle Argueta

As I stood in front of the bathroom mirror with my JanSport backpack and Chaco sandals, I knew what I was getting myself into. It was a hot, stinky, poopy mess; Unsanitary, inhumane, and downright nasty. My face was blocked by the lumpy “substance”, therefore not letting me check my nose for zits. I have one word for you MacArthur….CHARMIN!

As much as I enjoyed looking into that poopy mirror; I knew it wouldn’t be there for much longer, because custodian Magdalena Olson dares to do the things students would never think of doing. The custodial staff work extremely hard at their jobs receiving little to no recognition from the community.  Students feel no need to clean or pick up after themselves, leaving trays, boogers, and gum, oh my! These are some of the repulsive items that are found in the magical land of Brahma Country, and seem to be invisible to the many weary eyes of its “inhabitants”. The comprehension of giving respect to gain it is key to surviving in Brahma Country; self-respect is an act, like many other honorable acts, that are beginning to disappear faster than Houdini himself. Respect goes a long way, but like everything else in this world it has boundaries. Don’t push them. In the words of Michael Jackson’s famous song “Man in the Mirror”, the only person that can make the change is you and only you.

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