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It was first decided last year by cafeteria staff to put a salad bar in the dining area in an attempt to strive for more healthy eating habits around the school.

“We wanted to provide nutritious meals for the students to help them make the right food choices and also because the district was really pushing for it,”

Mrs. Leah Wetstone, cafeteria manager said.

The salad bar started about the second week of school and has already gotten a huge response as far as how many students are making the choice to eat right. “We’ve been getting about 140-150 students a day purchasing from the salad bar,” Wetstone said.

The salad bar costs as much as a regular lunch at $2.05 and has many customizable choices that are different every week. The choices include; salad, one side, bread, croutons, a type of dressing and milk.

The students are also assured not to worry about running out of these choices because it is refilled during its low periods.

Mrs. Wetstone believes that we can reach our goal of having a healthier student body with this new addition to our campus.

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