Lunchtime Lockdown

Inconvenient, frustrating, OUTRAGEOUS! That’s all that’s heard lately about the “new”, prison-like restraints on lunchtime mobility.

While the policy has been around since last year, it proved ineffective. Teachers failed to show up at their positions, gates weren’t locked, eventually leading to a trash-ridden courtyard and band field, students skipping classes and going off campus, and even automobile accidents.

Despite the seemingly easy nature of trash-pickup, last year’s student body’s inability to “pick up after themselves” created a necessity for stronger lunchtime policies.

Administrators warn, however, that if the trash issue is not solved, students will eventually have the cafeteria as their only option.

Another issue addressed by the new lunchtime lockdowns are the automobile accidents that occur when students leave campus for lunch, co-op, etc.

“Nobody pays attention when leaving the school,” said Mr. Valdez, assistant principal in charge of transportation security. “Students almost hit a school bus the other day at the Regency exit. They don’t even stop. What’s up with that?!” he said.


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