15 De Septiembre: Mexican Independence Day

Mexican Consulate in downtown San Antonio. photo from Consulado General de Mexico

The city of San Antonio will celebrate ┬áthe “Grito de Independencia” [Cry of Independence] event tonight at 8 P.M. in honor of the 201st anniversary of Mexico’s independence from Spain.

Mexican expatriates (and Hispanic residents) from the greater San Antonio area will gather downtown at the Municipal Auditorium to enjoy performances by dancers and performers flown in from Mexico.

“15 de Septiembre” celebrations started in 1810 when Mexico announced its fight for independence from Spain. The “Grito” or “Cry” tradition began when Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, a Roman Catholic priest, delivered a speech before a riled audience, inciting revolutionary sentiments in citizens and persuading them to join the war effort.

While September 16, 1810 was the official date of the war’s start, the celebration on the 15th was held in honor of Mexico’s 29th president, Porfirio Diaz, whose birthday falls on the 15th.

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