The 63rd Emmy Awards: Laughs, Lynch, and Leaving Loved Ones

The Emmy Awards, unlike the majority of award shows, recognize prime time television achievements. The 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards will air only on the Fox network, on Sunday, September 18 at 8 P.M. Hosted by Jane Lynch, the awards promise to be full of memorable moments, for the nominees and viewers alike.

“Nena Hiles, freshman, said “I love the show The Office, and I hope to see the cast win for Best Comedy Series!”

Steve Carell, for his last year as the show’s main character, has been nominated for Lead Actor in a Comedy Series. Carell has been nominated for this award six times in the past and has yet to win. His family and fans hope he can end his time on the show with a bang.

The awards themselves are judged by the actors’ peers, and the many nominees are so talented that some always go unrecognized for their skill. Though unacknowledged, those actors are still loved and appreciated by their viewers, for their original expertise and charms. Winning or losing, the Emmy’s provide an arena for the fans to see the actors they know and love, in real time.

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