School Spirit Glides Through The Halls

Photo by Aly Zamora.

Sometimes, we get the urge to go outside and be active, whether throwing the football with a friend or kicking a soccer ball through the net of a backyard soccer goal. But, this summer’s heat was hot enough to keep many people cooped up inside or spending all day at the pool. Now that temperatures are slowly diminishing and  the fall season is near, MacArthur is attempting to encourage the student body to get outside and take advantage of the cooler weather by giving away these magnificent frisbees during pep rallies.

Different from a normal frisbee, this ring shaped disc can easily be gripped and thrown with ease. People that normally have trouble throwing frisbees shouldn’t hide from this disc, because it is a cinch to throw and will make you look like a champ. Some students, such as junior, Kole Pantuso, have discovered the joy the frisbee can provide.

“It’s easy to develop your frisbee skills. I’m pretty good at throwing it behind my back,” Kole said.

These discs are somewhat exclusive, since they are only given out at pep rallies, but I believe the school could make a few bucks from these frisbees if more people discovered them. The school store is now open during lunch and is just getting started, but it seems like business is slow. Perhaps the store would become more popular if it sold MacArthur frisbees at reasonable prices. Since this school is pushing healthy food, it should also push outdoor activities, like the ultimate frisbee club offered here.

Until then, lets keep the frisbees up in the air, and show the administration our appreciation for them.


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