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beautiful skin by Cornelia DeLaney

Beautiful Skin by Cornelia DeLaneyLet’s face it ladies, not many of us know how to treat our face, from soaps to creams and everything in between. It’s important to know what to use and when to use it.

First and foremost, establish a daily skin care regimen, something quick and easy but gets the job done quickly and efficiently. Start by washing your face; sounds easy enough but there are do’s and don’ts to completing this tedious task.  Always use lukewarm water; this allows the pores to open up just enough to wash out any hard to reach dirt, and prevents shocking the skin; which can lead to burst capillaries.When applying face wash, use circular motions to loosen up any leftover dirt or makeup. When drying, always pat the skin, this prevents redness, skin breakage, and any unnecessary stretching, which serves as early wrinkle prevention. So simply splash, soap, splash, and pat.

When it comes to face wash each cleanser is different, some cleansers may contain ingredients that others don’t, and these specific ingredients serve different purposes, an example being Vitamin C. Vitamin C is often used in certain cleansers to brighten skin. So be sure to pay attention to ingredients and their purpose. In order to find an ideal skin cleanser it is important to take skin sensitivity into account. You can find various cleansers and exfoliants right for your individual skin type at any local drug store or grocery store.

After completing an effective wash, you now want to close the pores that were opened during cleansing. To do that use either an astringent or toner; their main purpose is to shrink pores and tighten skin. Astringent is usually intended for oily skin types, which contain strong chemicals such as alcohol, while toner is intended for more sensitive skin types. For troublesome skin add this step in just before applying a moisturizer for blemish prevention.

Following a wash, and the use of an astringent or toner, you are now ready for moisturizing. After a strenuous wash, and use of a toner or astringent your skin is left tight and dry. Moisturizer is used to replenish skin; and prevents problems such as redness, dryness, and peeling. Each moisturizer varies in purpose, such as pore reducing, or skin brightening moisturizers. SPF moisturizers are the most commonly used . After applying moisturizer you have completed a highly effective skin regimen, in just three easy steps; cleansing, toning, and moisturizing.  For best results this regimen should be completed at least once a day. You are now equipped to achieve a beautiful and healthy complexion.

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