Democratic Voting for Homecoming Monarchy

Homecoming Crowns. photo from fulloma

For years, the entertainment world has displayed homecoming voting as a seamless popularity promoting event. However, away from the glitter of the teeny-bopper movie sets, the whole process becomes entirely un-glam.

Last week, Ms. April Moyer and Mrs. Carolyn Karger requested of all English teachers that they run homecoming court nominations that Friday. The process would take a good chunk out of the teachers’ class-times, but those in charge see no better option.

“We decided voting during English classes was the best and easiest way to get the most students involved. Everyone has to take four years of English,” Ms. Moyer said.

On Friday, during each English class, students yell out possible nominees and then raise their hands to vote for the top nominee. Underclassmen must choose a boy and girl from their own grade level, and a boy and girl senior. Seniors, on the other hand, vote for a prince and princess from their class and a king and queen. Though this is only the nomination part of the election process, some students feel uncomfortable voting so openly.

“[The open nominations] haven’t caused any conflicts so far, but this only is my first year,” Ms. Moyer said.

The homecoming sponsors figure their way of doing things has worked well enough so far. Even though the nominations are done by a hand-raising vote in class, the actual voting is taken by ballot during all three lunches in the weeks prior to Homecoming. Votes are anonymously submitted and counted by the student council, who announce the winners before the Homecoming game.

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