TMEA Region 12: Time to Audition

Texas Music Educators Association

Varsity choir this year is preparing for their annual Region Choir Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA) auditions and shows.

The regular auditions for competitors in Region 12-5A are at Churchill next Saturday, October 1st.

The Varsity Concert Chorale caps off the group’s with their talent and dedication each and every day. The quality in rehearsal prepares the students for vocal competition. This year 32 girls and 17 boys make the varsity concert chorale.

“I spend at least two hours class time each day, [on my music],” senior Brandon Pinkerton said.

The music for men this year includes, “4 Songs – Ballad to the Moon, Your Voice is Tuned, Zigeuner Liben, and Contique Dejean Reicen,” Pinkerton said.

Each songs’ difficulty varies on composition, language and difficulty.

Mr. Matt Woodward and Mrs. Caitlyn Griffith lead the organization with different styles, and a busy schedule.

Griffith believes this year will continue on the past progress the program has had.

“[Concert Chorale is] amazing, [they] sing wonderful music and we will do well in auditions,” Griffith said.

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