Relation Station- Manipulation

Christina Douglas manipulates Megan Marsico

What is Manipulation?

There are some people in the world who are shady enough to control those who are close to them to get what they want. Known as manipulators, these people get through life by plying devious games with people’s emotions, oftentimes damaging the people they manipulate. According to, manipulation is,” shrewd or devious management, especially for one’s own advantage.”

Manipulation in Every Relationship

Everybody, at one time or another, will manipulate someone else. For instance, a friend of yours could make you talk to a guy you like. A cute little girl could give you a puppy- dog face to get you to buy them candy. Even though manipulation is usually shrewd and intentional, it happens in subtle ways everyday and doesn’t have to be to the demise of the other person.

Extreme Manipulation

Manipulation becomes extreme when the one being controlled is mentally, physically, or emotionally abused. This type of manipulation is not cute, and should never be accepted in any type of relationship. If you are being manipulated, kick that person to the curb! They don’t give a hoot about you. If you are manipulative, please figure out why so you can stop. Obviously being manipulative isn’t Kosher, but every action has an equal but opposite reaction, so there has to be a reason why you like to play people.

The Moral

The point of it all is that at one point in time we will all manipulate someone. However, when it goes from subtle to extreme, it becomes a problem. Overall, be wise with the company you keep and make sure the decisions you make are yours and not the will of your manipulator.

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