The Aesthetic Movement: No Strings Attached

Guitar Playing

Guitar Playing

Do you hear that? Of course you do. That’s the sound that every student is hearing more and more of each day. The sound of guitar notes; some good and some, well you know…. The notes echo up and down halls and find their way into my fragile eardrums. The simple task of playing the guitar is not enough for our lovely musicians; singing and playing “at the same time” is a challenge waiting to be accepted by many, yet conquered by few. Guitar picks are swiftly replacing pencils in class, and students are singing answers instead of saying them. Mac is not Woodstock, it isn’t a place for artistic musicians to vent their unheard feelings to other crazy hippies. Rather it’s a high school named after an American general and with a mascot which few can pronounce or identify. Back to the subject of guitars, I say leave the guitar playing for Guitar Hero, and leave the singing for the shower, please.  And if the need to play and sing at school is compulsive, maybe MacArthur needs a glee club. Like the show, students can express, sing, and “play” the guitar for in a snappy social setting.

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One thought on “The Aesthetic Movement: No Strings Attached

  1. I think the whole matter of music in the hall ways is a matter of the person wants to or not. Mac is a school of diverse people and playing guitar and singing is their way to express themselves. I’m not saying your wrong, in just dissagreeing with you with this matter.

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