Bullseye’s Coffeehouse Was a Success

Junior Josh Huerta and senior Manuel Gonzalez jam out

The night consisted of musical performances, poetry, and a Mad Lib based off of Bohemian Rhapsody. The vibe in the black box felt inviting for the students to showcase their  talent. Junior Ethan Marcell even volunteered himself to recite an impromptu haiku. Performers covered popular songs by artists such as Jason Mraz, Pink Floyd, Outkast, Paramore, and Mayday Parade, even the audience was encouraged to get involved by snapping or clapping along. They, along with the performers, had fun with the free mustaches and were creative with the placement of them; some sported the staches as goatees while others wore them as eyebrows. Adding to the night’s fun was a free Bullseye t-shirt drawing and a concession stand selling treats during intermission.

The laid back atmosphere in the black box gave the feeling that you were amongst friends and many of the performers seemed confident in front of the audience, which was listening closely.

“I felt comfortable (reciting poetry in front of the audience). Nobody was giving any criticism”, Jesus Zendejo, freshman said.

With the exceptional talents of the performers and amusing debonair theme, many anticipate the next coffeehouse, October 27.

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