Imminent Shutout

Churchill ravaged a victory yesterday, coming inches from a shutout with a final score of 38-13.  The Brahma offense had lack of production with only 155 yards on the ground and 63 yards in the air.


Churchill put up the first 14 points to leave the Brahmas scoreless in the first half, and continued the scoring play with a total of 28 unanswered points.  The first points from the Brahmas came from the defensive side in the 3rd quarter, with a fumble recovery by Brandon Lugo in the end zone to bring the score to 28-7.  Star running back Darik Dillard had an off day today only averaging 4.2 yards per run and one touch

down in the 4th quarter, and would later get injured on the play and not come in for the rest of the game.  Gramling’s accuracy was at 50 percent with a passer rating of 35.2.

“We need to work harder, ” quarterback Matt Gramling said.  “It’s just the little things we need to work on, nothing major.”


Gramling also led the team in rushing with 74 yards, while Dillard led the team in receiving with 31 yards in the air.  The big three of Gramling, Dillard, and Brown were work horses on the field, but fell to the demise of missed opportunities when it counted.


“We’re just making mistakes,” Coach Ben Cook said, “and we’re making them at crucial times.”

The defense work well against the run game of the Chargers, but let up in the passing game allowing 103 yards, and a 52 yard pass for a touchdown, which was the longest play of the game.


“It’s just miscommunication,” safety Eric Kenny said. “We’re just not doing our job.”


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