Homecoming Deets: The Low-Down To Fiesta Flambeau

Fiesta Flambeau Digital Artwork by Estefania Lamas


This year’s “Fiesta Flambeau” homecoming is rapidly approaching! Here’s the low-down of the week’s festivities and the dance itself:

Spirit Theme Days:

Monday: “Brahmas Save the Day”- Dress like a superhero

Tuesday: “Brahmas Just Wanna Have Fun”- 80s Wear

Wednesday: “iViva MacArthur!”- Wear Fiesta attire

Thursday: “Teach Lee a Lesson”- Dress like a teacher at Mac

Friday: “Flambeau the Volunteers”- Wear blue and white

During-the-Week Activities:

Door Decorating Contest: Each teacher is encouraged to decorate their door for the week. Three winners will be chosen and awarded a free lunch at 5 Star Inn.

Pin Contest: Organizations will design their own pins to exchange and share at Brahma March, after which, awards will be given to the “most creative designs”.

Night in Old MacArthur: Wednesday, October 19

Mactober Fest: The PALs’s fall festival. Will be held after school and will continue throughout the evening. Clubs and organizations and from Orchestra to Tennis will be operating booths.

Brahma March: Clubs and organizations are invited to participate and walk around the neighborhood adjacent to MacArthur. Awards are given to individual groups.

Homecoming Pep Rally: Immediately after Brahma March. Homecoming court will be announced during the pep rally. Homecoming King and Queen will be crowned at the game on Friday, October 21st.

“It was nerve-wracking when they announced my name! It caught me off guard,” Jenny Lee, senior, said.

Homecoming Game: Friday, October 21

Against the Lee “Volunteers”, the football game will be held at Heroes Stadium at 7:30 p.m.

Homecoming Dance: Saturday, October 22

Fiiiesta! This year’s dance will be held at Blossom Athletic Center’s Littleton Gymnasium from 8:00 p.m. to midnight. Bids (tickets) will go on sale Thursday, October 13, through Friday, October 21, during all three lunches. Bids are $20 per person and will also be sold at the door, but buying a bid early entitles the ticket-holder to a free homecoming t-shirt.

“This year’s theme is new, fun, and it has a relation to our community… Everybody enjoys Fiesta!” says Katie Franco, senior organizer and President of the Student Council.

How To Ask?

With much creative leeway, Charlie Sullivan, senior, was among the first people to request a date.

“The night before, at like, 10:30 p.m. at YoungLife, I was being pressured by my friends to ask somebody! So I thought… I’ll ask Alexis (Doerr, senior Brahmadora)! I was excited so I went to H-E-B and bought posters to write “H-O-M-E-C-O-M-I-N-G-?” on.  We have class together in the D-wing 3rd floor overlooking the band field, so I called a bunch of my friends and we got together to spell it out! When she saw, she actually thought it was for someone else!” Sullivan said.

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