Hamlet Review

Ophelia and Hamlet. photo by Laeree Lepovitz
Hamlet and Ophelia. photo by Laeree Lepovitz

“Adieu, adieu,  adieu, Hamlet, remember me.” These words, said by Hamlet’s ghoslty father, played by senior Luke Thacker, represent the memorable performances of theatre production’s modern take on William Shakespeare’s tragedy: Hamlet.

“To be or not to be?” The first showing of Hamlet asks this question, though the answer should cause little hesitation; seats to this phenomenal show filled up faster than sardines in a can. Audience members filed into the Brady Memorial Auditorium with anticipation and excitement. Not knowing what to expect, the opening montage of Hamlet screaming with confusion and anger, captivates the innocent audience’s attention and redirects it into the skeptical land of Denmark.

Having big shoes to fill,  senior Aaron Meullion who plays Hamlet, brings a new twist to the Shakespearean crazed man. If it’s not the hair, then it has to be the jacket…. Wearing a leather jacket as his ” armor” Meullion fights, runs, and slides around the stage with great flexibility and comfort; multiplying action and creative movement  1,000 times!

Other main characters, such as Ophelia played by Rebekah Caldera and King Claudius played by senior Trevor Stokes, were wonderful gifts that kept on giving throughout the show. Though it was a large cast, every member had a fair amount of time on stage,  and got their time in the spotlight. Lights and costumes also played an important role in the show. Costumes, based on an evening gown motif,  made characters look mighty sophisticated and spiffy, and with every color shade of light imaginable, scenes were oozing with beautiful colors from left to right stage.

Though clarity was not always on point, MacArthur theatre department did a wonderful job in their rendition of Hamlet, that was truly a hit.



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