NBA lockout: Students Weigh-In

The NBA lockout continues to disappoint fans everywhere, as the NBA commissioner David Stern was forced to take away the first two weeks of the regular season. For only the second time in 13 years, the NBA will have a shortened regular season.


“We remain very, very far apart on virtually all issues,” Stern said to reporters after the players’ meeting on Monday. “We just have a gulf that sperates us.  We are so far apart…we can’t close the gap.”


The discrepancy between the players and the owners translates to the fans, who are still arguing over whom to blame for, so far, the lack of a NBA season.


“It’s just stupid, these players are whining about money while taking away from what the fans want: the game,” senior Jordan Pratt said, defending the owners in the lockout.


Some believe the players are to blame, while others justify the players’ position.


“The owners are losing more money by not having a season,” senior Asad Kerai said. “The players’ money is legitimate because they’re putting their bodies in harm way.”


This controversial outlook upon the lockout is definitely not going to help the situation, but reminds the NBA that the fans want a season so delicate action must happen to ensure a 2011-2012 NBA season.


“I watch the NBA to learn how to be a better player,” said Asad Kerai, “and this lockout is inhibiting me from a valuable learning experience, to be a better player for my school.”

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