Occupy: San Antonio Rallies


Hemisfair Park Occupy photo by Zach Royston

Hemisfair Park serves as a meeting ground for the entire city. As I entered under its tremendous Tower of the Americas, my plea for organized protesting set in. A beaming man sitting on the grass turns his head, saying, “Come sit with us, we have to tell you about our project.” His invitation caught my willing attention: I knew about the marching and can sympathize with Occupy efforts to grieve and fix the inefficiencies of our nation. As a young man who gained the right to vote a few days ago on his 18th birthday, I was drawn to the rally as a single way to voice my opinions before I finally vote.

Problems with the government leave my generation lacking the same stability I always believed the were held in the American Dream. The patriot style movement needs bipartisan legislation on taxes, unemployment, and renewed capitalism to promote my future liberties. The national Occupy movement serves as a very public point to leaders in all levels of the governments: fix the problem or we’ll keep protesting.

Hemisfair Park Money Poster. photo by Zach Royston

While the Tea Party shares somewhat similar views to the Occupy Movement, it is central and powerful in politics. The party’s belief in constitutional rights, individual liberties, and fiscal responsibility draws in both both left and right politicians.

The lack of compromise between the administration and Congress demonstrate their inability to work with the people. My search for the answer for new leadership is important in that I want to find success, with a job and a house following graduation in the coming years. I “Occupy” as a testament to my generation, centered on consumerism, and led by an all powerful government. Our Bill of Rights has become challenged, with uprooted gun laws, judicial firings, and mislabeled eavesdropping as critical resentments to our nation.

There, I retaliated through speech, our one true ability to let our interpretations of other sources be known to representatives America voted for. Power escalates through this communication through the will of Occupiers from here to New York and across the globe. The difference we can make as part of the Occupy rallies pose a threat to our nation’s leaders, and scares them. The way I see it, lawmakers either listen to this movement, or America faces their own Arab Spring.

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