The Onion, One Layer At a Time

Normally, we depend on the news as a legitimate source of current events. Whether it be political debates, or celebrity scandals, reporters are expected to deliver true stories and must refrain from giving any personal opinions. On the flip side, organizations like the Onion News Network take the ethics of journalism, crumble it up, and toss it through the basketball hoop attached to their office wastebasket-on purpose of course. With main anchor, Brooke Alvarez, the Onion strives to produce satirical news stories in an ironic manner and should be watched by anyone who enjoys comedic contradiction.

The Onion is very well produced, with all the components of a normal news broadcast, such as the background of production rooms, interviews, even the huge touchscreen as seen on CNN. The main alteration is the story content. What the Onion chooses to report is completely open to their imagination.

The staff of the Onion News Network, image from

While some stories include real people, all topics, quotes, and interviews are fabricated. Most stories are ironic and unorthodox, like their recent article about President Obama’s approval rating soaring after punching a Wall Street banker in the face. If the television was turned on right in the middle of this story, it would catch you off guard and make you believe your President had gone mad.

Not only is the news out of the ordinary, but the staff acts nothing like the innocent reporters on your local news. Brooke Alvarez is young, professional, and an attractive lady that is reluctant to acknowledge other people’s opinion and not afraid to speak her mind, quite the opposite of how a news anchor is supposed to act. Criticizing her colleagues consistently, she is sharp and strong with her comebacks.

The Onion News Network airs every Tuesday night at 9 pm on IFC, just as long as there are real news stories to make fun of. Keeping up with the actual news is vital, but it never hurts to step away from reality and watch hilarious fictional news productions that can’t be seen anywhere else.

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