The Economy is Raining Down Bullets

The economy hasn’t been kind to any of us. From C.E.O. s to store managers and now even the youths of our time who can only escape from life with the many extra-curricular activities they participate in outside or inside of school. Many who play sports such as paintball, football in the A.A.U. (Amateur Athletic Union), and outdoor hunting are having to cut down on or even stop their sport all together. This prevents people from participating in whatever their passion may be in life. Some truly great athletes may never realize the true potential they have because of the economic crisis.

It has even gotten to the point that many people with multiple hobbies or passions are having to give up one in order to be able to pay for another.

“I used to play paintball, but I had to sell my gun so that I could pay for my dance lessons,” Victoria Soliz, junior said.

The price of the sport of paintball has gone up in recent years, due to the understandable hard times we have all been exposed to. A single case of paint has gone up 10 dollars for 2000 rounds, putting a huge strain on teams who participate in competitions that require buying several cases of paint. Even the occasional paintball player who rents gear from the fields is now being charged extra for a days play. Fields that have allowed people to bring their own paintballs in the past are quickly turning to only letting their customers use paint bought from them.

Football is a favorite pastime for many, but for those in the A.A.U. (Amateur Athletic Union) who have to buy all their own equipment, it can get very expensive very fast. Not everyone can buy pads, a helmet, cleats, a jersey, pants, flak jackets and lets not forget uniform customizations. It’s hard enough for one person to have to buy all this, but there is a whole team that needs to do the same, and the rises in equipment costs aren’t helping.

For generations hunting has been an escape for many fathers and sons alike, but recently the cost of various types of guns and ammunition has been steadily going up, depending on brands and purchase frequencies. Many high quality brands of weapons and equipment vary in price, depending on staff and customersratings, but the prices on cheaper items go up as well.

These prices will continue to increase steadily over time, but it might not be slow enough that we can catch up financially. Just as there is not a price tag on happiness, there should not be one on someone’s passions.


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