Happiness from Handmade Love: Knit for the Cure

Led by junior Monica Villalobos, Knit for the Cure works toward crocheting beanies and hats for cancer patients and survivors.

“After my sister, Clarisa, got cancer a year ago, she wore a knitted hat to keep her head warm during the winter,” Monica said. “As a result of her chemotherapy treatments, she lost all her hair. Now she’s cancer free and healthy, but I realized that simple things, like knitting hats for patients, can bring a lot of joy. Especially when it’s for children that have cancer.”

Monica helping volunteers knit hats.

After organizing the new knitting club over the sumer, Monica teamed up with American Cancer Society to donate all hats and beanies made by the club. Everything will be distributed to participants of the Look Good, Feel Better, meetings hosted at the UT Medical Health Center; a support group for cancer patients and survivors that have lost their hair during the course of treatment.

Every hat made gets this card attached stating it's origin and purpose. photo by Brittany Trub

“The best part is that the students who join get to learn to knit, help bring joy to cancer patients, and help out their community,” said Monica.

Meetings are hosted in Coach Mein-Johnson’s room, every other Thursday, at 8 a.m.

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  1. Knitting?! People say thats girly, going on the old cliche. But knitting is alot of fun and pays off in the end! Id love to learn to knit!

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